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Key Cottage Catering

We are outside caterers who also produce a wide variety of different foods using where ever possible local ingredients. For example one of our most popular products is our range of  cold cutting game pies. The variety of these pies changes each week depending on the game available.

Some of the pies we produce are, Pheasant & Port Soaked Cranberry, Venison and Cassis, Wild Duck and Orange, Mixed Game and Apricot etc. All game for these pies is sourced within a 10 mile radius of Ludlow and are baked the day before attending the Farmers Market to allow the jelly to cool. When game is not in season we make pies other than game like chicken and smoked bacon (our own smoked bacon of course), chicken and asparagus, beef and olive etc.

Another product we are justly proud of is our home smoked salmon which is cured in a mixture of salt & brown sugar and then gently smoked over oak to produce a truly exceptional product. These fish are not heavily smoked allowing the customer to taste both the fish and the smoke at the same time. We also use our smoked fish in the production of our now well known smoked salmon pate.

We were fortunate enough last year to be nominated for the UK TV Gold food producer of the year but unfortunately we didn’t win that. However we have just been informed we have been nominated again, so we must try harder! Next time you are in Ludlow look us up as we are always cooking up something different to try and tempt you. For example we make our own Hereford beef chilli, Hereford beef cottage pie, salmon pies with saffron mash, home made speciality sausages (look out for our Boerwores during the summer) and much much more. Look forward to seeing you soon………….

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Contact: Mark Williams
Key Cottage, Haynall Lane, Little Hereford,
Tel: 01584 711308
Email: kcottagecatering@aol.com
Website: www.keycottagecatering.com

Markets attended by Key Cottage Catering

  • Ludlow Local Produce Market

Service offered by Key Cottage Catering

  • Catering

Other Types offered by Key Cottage Catering

  • Farmers Market Stall Holder
  • Local Delivery
  • Mail Order