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miEnterprise is the UK's leading supported self-employment specialist. It is a social enterprise that operates as a mutual marketing co-operative.

We set miEnterprise up because we know that there are a lot of people with earning disabilities and other disadvantages in the jobs market who would like to work. We also know that not very many people are working, and getting paid!

We also believe that lots of people can make or do things that other people would pay them for. But for lots of reasons that wasn’t happening. So we decided to see if we could do something about those reasons.

Over the last few years the term micro-enterprise has been talked about quite a bit. Running a micro enterprise means being self-employed. We aim to make that as easy as possible.
A micro enterprise is a business but it can be as small as you want, or as big as you can make it!

The first miEnterprise is in Herefordshire.
We are now setting up more miEnterprises across the country.

We will link them together through the internet so they and their members can work together. This work is being supported by the Dept of Business, Innovation & Skills, through Valuing Employment Now & the Jobs First programme.

We were part of the national Getting a Life & Jobs First programmes. We work closely with Jobcentre Plus & HMRC.


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Contact: Jane Davies
Marshfield Centre, Off Ryelands Road, Leominster,
Tel: 01568 611659
Email: jane@mienterprise.org.uk
Website: www.mienterprise.org.uk/

Markets attended by miEnterprise

  • Ludlow Local Produce Market

Service offered by miEnterprise

  • Farmers Market Stall Holder