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Chorlton Cheese

Chorlton Cheshire is made using traditional methods, this gives the cheese the best possible flavours, no mechanical stirrers or equipment is used to produce the cheese. 

The milk is stirred in the vat by hand using a large hand paddle while temperature is slowly bought up to 30 oc, a culture is added to the milk which turns the lactose in the milk into lactic acid, vegetarian rennet is added to set the curd and then the curd is cut by hand using traditional cutters.

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Contact: Guy Dimlow
Chorlton House Farm, Malpas,
SY14 7EN
Tel: 01948860210
Email: guy@chorltoncheese.co.uk
Website: www.chorltoncheese.co.uk

Markets attended by Chorlton Cheese

  • Ludlow Local Produce Market

Service offered by Chorlton Cheese

  • Farmers Market Stall Holder