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Augernik Fruit Farm

Augernik Fruit Farm image
7.9 miles from Ludlow
Hopton Wafers, Shropshire, DY14 0HH

Soft and top fruit including rhubarb, gooseberries, raspberries, cherries, blackcurrants and redcurrants during the summer and plums, apples, pears, autumn raspberries, cobnuts and walnuts in Autumn and Winter.

Pentre Farm

Pentre Farm image
12.6 miles from Ludlow
Pentre Farm, Pentre,
Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BU

Organic smallholding specialising in lamb and mutton also sells vegetarian ready food.

Old Sandlin Fruit

Old Sandlin Fruit image
21.1 miles from Ludlow
Old Sandlin, Leigh Sinton,
Malvern, WR13 5DN

Family run fruit and vegetables farm specialising in apples, pears, strawberries, asparugus and purple sprouting.

Roots at Rushwick

Roots at Rushwick image
22.7 miles from Ludlow
Roots at Rushwick, Bransford Road,
Rushwick, Worcestershire, WR2 5TD

The farm at Little Verzons is home to a host of delicious fruit including plums, damsons, pears, gooseberries, currants and apples all of which are selected and hand picked for sale though our farm shops, café and farmers markets.